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Analysts Expect XRP Price to Continue Breakout Against Bitcoin

Analysts Expect XRP Price to Continue Breakout Against Bitcoin

Like it or not, XRP hasn’t fared too well over the past few years. Since its blow-off top in January of 2018, during which the cryptocurrency traded above $3.00, the price of XRP has crashed, falling to $0.24 where it is now and as low as $0.17. That represents an over 90% drop from the all-time high. The cryptocurrency has lost a similar amount against Bitcoin (the XRP/BTC pair).

Yet, analysts are becoming convinced that the altcoin against the leading cryptocurrency may soon move higher.

Cryptocurrency trader “TraderSmokey” noted that XRP’s BTC pair is “looking good,” depicting that the pair has broken out of a long-term falling wedge to only consolidate into a short-term falling wedge, implying an imminent breakout to the upside. He said that this consolidation coupled with the bullish Ichimoku Cloud is setting XRP up to surge around 6-7% against BTC.

Not Only Thing Suggesting XRP To Move Higher

It isn’t only the above that suggests XRP/BTC will continue to surge higher in the coming days.

According to a Telegram channel tracking TD Sequential indicator signals on a number of assets, cryptocurrencies and commodities especially, the XRP/BTC one-day chart saw a “Buy 9” (notably different than the Buy 13 candles seen with BTC, but bullish nonetheless) candle during Friday’s trading session. Should the indicator play out as it does in textbooks, XRP could soon begin to rally against Bitcoin.

Also, per previous reports from this very outlet, analyst Bitcoin Jack noted that the XRP/BTC trading pair has a bullish setup forming, recently forming somewhat of a bottom at key levels. He claims that the cryptocurrency could soon surge from 2,536 satoshis to 2,879 satoshis — a gain of 13.5% over the coming weeks.

On a longer-term basis, TraderXO noted that XRP against BTC has been trading in a manner similar to a chart pattern or schematic described by legendary chartist Richard Wyckoff. The schematic is the Wyckoff Accumulation pattern, and it implies that XRP is currently in Phase C of accumulation, which correlates with a strong surge in prices back to the range high.

Should the Wyckoff schematic play out in full, the price of the altcoin will surge towards 5,000 satoshis, and maybe beyond.

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Here’s Why a Top Analyst Thinks XRP Is Ready to Surge 20

Here’s Why a Top Analyst Thinks XRP Is Ready to Surge 20%

XRP Preparing to Rally Higher

XRP really hasn’t done well over the past 12 months, actually posting a negative return of around -50% in 2019 in a year when Bitcoin gained 95% in and of itself and assets across the board exploded higher.

The bulls are purportedly about to push the third-largest cryptocurrency higher. Trader Galaxy noted that XRP is “looking ready” to rally 20% or so higher towards $0.28, drawing attention to the existence of a clear uptrend and the fact that the asset has flipped a number of key resistances into supports, boding well for the bullish case.

Galaxy isn’t the only bull.

Analyst CryptoWolf recently noted that per his earlier analysis, XRP has finally started to decisively break out of a falling wedge pattern that has constrained price action for the past seven months. The cryptocurrency has also surmounted a key horizontal resistance that has been important on a macro basis.

With this in mind, he suggested in the below chart that he expects for XRP to target the 0.382 Fibonacci Retracement of the entire falling wedge over the coming weeks, which suggests a 25% rally is on the horizon.

Aside from the technical and charting bull case, there are some positive fundamental factors.

Per previous reports from Ethereum World News, world’s largest crypto payment processor BitPay is now allowing “cryptocurrency consumers [to] spend XRP with BitPay merchants and clients can pay BitPay invoices with a digital asset designed for global payments.”

Although not enabled by default, global merchants using BitPay like Microsoft, NewEgg, Dish Networks, FanDuel, and Avnet will be able to activate XRP payment support without “any additional integration.”

Altcoins Won’t Survive in Long Run

Although analysts are sure of XRP’s potential to surge higher, some have expressed doubts over the long-term viability of altcoins as an investment.

A Reddit user found that by diversifying a $1,000 portfolio into the top 10 crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc.) at 10% for each coin, his portfolio gained 1.7% in an entire year. During that same time span, Bitcoin gained 95% in and of itself and traditional asset classes gained dozens of percent and saw near-record gains.

Not to mention, analyst Ceteris Paribus recently noted that the launch of the CME’s Bitcoin options could be bearish for altcoins: “If it isn’t obvious, the more we see products like this get offered the more bearish it is for the majority of alts,” they wrote.

Original article posted on the EthereumWorldNews.com site, by Nick Chong.

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4500 Stores Worldwide Now Accept XRP for Goods And Services

4500 Stores Worldwide Now Accept XRP for Goods And Services

Ripple keeps growing at a dizzying rate, demonstrating that they not only have the blockchain technology preferred by large banks and financial institutions, but they have also developed a token that works perfectly as a cryptocurrency that grows in use and acceptance faster than any other altcoin in the ecosystem.

Despite the skepticism of many, the Ripple team has managed to captivate several investors, with important new partnerships. The last one was revealed a few hours ago when the cryptocurrency payment processor CoinGate announced that it was providing support for XRP in all of its 4500 stores.

Coingate Accepts XRP But Also Wants To Help it Grow

The CoinGate team comments that in addition to having studied the technology, the decision to accept XRP was made considering the high demand for the token in the community.

“We are thrilled to let you know that we are adding yet another payment option for our merchants, and this time it’s a big one! Due to very popular demand by the community, our next cryptocurrency on the list – XRP! As a result, XRP coin owners can now use it as a means of payment at more than 4,500 shops online! Whether you want to purchase a VPN, video game or anything else, you are more than welcome to do that!”

CoinGate emphasized that as a company they have high confidence in Ripple’s trustworthiness and the advanced blockchain technology they develop. CoinGate noted that despite accusations of being extremely centralized, Ripple is carrying out a decentralization strategy in which they stimulate the admission of third-party validators, removing one proprietary node for every two new decentralized nodes.

They also expressed their commitment to Ripple technology. “To further accelerate the decentralization of the XRP network, we are now running our own XRP Ledger validator!” Coingate said in its announcement.

The relationship between Coingate and Ripple is not limited only to supporting XRP as a payment mechanism. Coingate also announced the launch of a token purchase service with several payment modalities:

“Now, you can also buy XRP via CoinGate using one of our supported methods. For example, you are able to purchase it using SEPA bank transfer, mobile balance, and QQPay via CoinGate dashboard. However, if you do not wish to bother with registration, there are alternative methods to achieve the same.
One way is to buy XRP with a credit/debit card. It is a very simple procedure that only requires a quick KYC check-up. Same goes for those who wish to purchase XRP using Neteller or Skrill wallets. Just provide your receiving XRP address, enter your credentials and proceed to checkout!”

Ripple is Growing… And You Can Be a Part of It

Ripple’s growth is a fact. Its marketing strategy and a solid technological development have allowed it to rise to number 2 in the global market cap, surpassed only by Bitcoin, which remains the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, unlike other projects that have had to dismiss several members due to economic losses, Ripple has initiated a campaign to acquire talent. At the moment there are 36 open positions listed on Ripple’s job site, for various departments in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Dubai, Singapore, and India.

Original article written by Jose Antonio Lanz and posted on the EthereumWorldNews.com site.

Article posted on Markethive by Jeffrey Sloe

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