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Welcome to JLS One. My name is Jeffrey L. Sloe, CEO of Jeffrey L. Sloe, Inc. and owner of this site. I got my start on the Internet back in 1999, and have been marketing online since 2000.

The Internet has taught me one thing, change happens at an amazingly fast rate. To stay on top of the changes, you have to be a lifelong learner. I’ve learned many skills, including web design, SEO and promoting health and wellness as part of my online marketing skills.

It’s challenging of get a web site to the top of Google was and always will be my passion. However, changes that came with the new Panda and Penguin algorithms has also changed the way SEO is done. The additional challenges, of which I’m learning more and more about each day, do not deter me from learning.

I also enjoy designing web sites; and with that comes SEO optimization for each page of a site. Whether it’s writing HTML code or implementing a Word Press blog, SEO is still part of the process. However, with all the plugins and templates available for a Word Press site, my focus has moved in that direction.

As far as online marketing is concerned, I have my niche (health and wellness), and use the skills I’ve learned to drive traffic to my sites. Marketing online takes time to find the right niche, along with the persistence to stick with it. Again, I love the challenge. Implementing Markethive, an inbound social marketing system – built for the entrepreneur and built on the Blockchain,  into the mix has really helped with my SEO efforts.

Since Markethive is built on the Blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency, I’ve become enamored with Bitcoin and the entire crypto industry. If you missed it before, I’m a lifetime learner and I love to learn about new and exciting opportunities. If you happen to stop by my blog, you will see what I mean.

I’m just a single worker in the honeycomb, what I call the Internet. My site is here as an information site to help the little guy or gal succeed on the Internet. Enjoy!

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