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Ban on Crypto and Slow Institutional Adoption Bullish for Bitcoin

Ban on Crypto and Slow Institutional Adoption Bullish for Bitcoin, Says SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci

By Daily Hodl Staff • April 18, 2021 // BITCOIN // REGULATORS

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of investment firm SkyBridge Capital, comments on Turkey’s decision to prohibit crypto payments and lays out a bullish case for Bitcoin (BTC).

In a new interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Anthony Scaramucci acknowledges that some regions that have unstable currencies, like Turkey, may not be ready for Bitcoin to enter their market, which is evidenced by Turkey’s recent ban on the asset.

“I do understand the fact that these sovereign wealth funds and so forth are not ready yet. You saw what’s going on in Turkey. They made an announcement that they’re banning the use of crypto in the country of Turkey.

That could happen in other places where the currencies are unstable, and they don’t want this introduction of Bitcoin to be a source of trading for their citizens. They feel that it will take policy away from their central banking community and the politicians.”

Although areas like Turkey may not be prepared to fully embrace crypto, Scaramucci believes this is not necessarily a bearish sign.

In making his case, the SkyBridge founder also references BlackRock founder Larry Fink’s claim that institutional clients may not yet be interested in crypto assets, suggesting that, along with Turkey’s ban on crypto payments, actually spell out a bullish case for the king coin as they signify that BTC is still just in its early stages and has a lot more room to grow.

“If you look at the stock to flow model and you look at the scarcity of Bitcoin as an example, if what Larry is saying is true, then that would make it even more bullish case for Bitcoin, meaning at some point they will begin that adoption. They’re not there yet. The saturation level just isn’t as high as the people that are in the coin realm think.”

This week, Fink told CNBC that while he is fascinated by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he and his firm are not seeing widespread institutional digital asset adoption just yet.

“I will tell you of our investors worldwide… we don’t have that much inquiry on it. We are investing in it. Rick Rieder’s been on your show talking about things that we are doing in it. And we’re studying it…

There are components in the financial markets about crypto that are real, that is growing. But if you’re asking me specifically about long-term investing from sovereign wealth funds, from pension funds, from retirement services, from big family offices, the conversation about crypto is a very minor conversation compared to so many other conversations.”

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