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ChainLink LINK Hits New ATHs in Price and Daily Active Addresses

ChainLink (LINK) Hits New ATHs in Price and Daily Active Addresses

John P. Njui   •   CHAINLINK (LINK) NEWS   •   August 9, 2020

Quick take:

  • On August 8th, ChainLink (LINK) printed a new all-time high of $13.88.
  • At the same time, LINK’s active daily addresses also hit a new all-time high of 22,622.
  • LINK continues on its upward trajectory with no clear indication that its momentum will drop.

For the past week, the digital asset of ChainLink (LINK) has had a spectacular ride in the crypto markets. LINK opened the week at a value of approximately $8.27 only to print a new all-time high value of $13.88 yesterday, August 8th. This is a 67.7% growth in value in less than a week.

The majority of the gains were observed yesterday, August 8th, when LINK opened the day at around $10 and gaining by over 38% to print the new all-time high value.

ChainLink Hits New All-Time High in Price and Daily Active Addresses

While LINK was setting a new all-time high value in price, its on-chain metrics also pointed to a new all-time high in terms of daily active addresses. The team at Santiment Research explained this fact as follows:

$LINK has hit all-time highs in both price ($13.76) and daily active addresses (15.6K and counting) today. It is currently the #1 trending #crypto asset on @santimentfeed. There is no telling when this impressive run will end for #Chainlink holders.

Below is a current chart showing the impressive growth of ChainLink’s price and daily active addresses. According to the chart by Santiment, the ChainLink network had a new peak of 22,622 daily active addresses on the 8th of August.

Chart courtesy of Santiment.net. (Click image for larger view)

A Possible Correction After LINK Marines Liquidate Zeus Capital

As mentioned by the team at Santiment, ChainLink (LINK) is yet to give clear indications as to when its impressive push in the crypto markets will start to experience fatigue.

With many crypto traders practically going long on LINK based on gut feeling and news updates about LINK marines attempting to liquidate Zeus Capital, there is a high chance that LINK’s value will continue to grow until the latter feat is achieved.

Below is one such tweet tracking the progress of LINK marines attempting to liquidate Zeus Capital.

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