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ChainLink LINK Launches Hackathon with 40k in Prizes

ChainLink (LINK) Launches Hackathon with $40k in Prizes

John P. Njui   •   CHAINLINK (LINK) NEWS   •   AUGUST 25, 2020

In summary:

  • The team at ChainLink has launched a virtual hackathon.
  • It will happen between September 7th and the 27th this year.
  • Developers are invited to build smart contract applications in DeFi, NFT, Gaming and more
  • Over $40k in prizes is up for grabs.

The team at ChainLink (LINK) has announced the launch of a virtual hackathon geared towards building smart contracts in DeFi, NFT (Nonfungible Tokens), Gaming and more. The event will happen between the 7th and 27th of September and developers are invited to build next-generation smart contracts to connect the world.

Below is the tweet by ChainLink making the initial announcement.

Over $40k in ChainLink Prizes

The team further provided the following distribution of prizes for participants of the virtual ChainLink hackathon.

  • $4,000 in LINK for the Top DeFi project
  • $4,000 in LINK for the top Gaming/VRF project
  • $4,000 in LINK for the top ‘Anything Goes’ project
  • $500 in LINK for each of the 10 runners-up
  • Over $20,000 in additional prizes from Aave and other sponsors

Where to Register for the ChainLink Virtual Hackathon

Interested developers are requested to register for the ChainLink hackathon using this online form.

Other ChainLink News

In the past few days, there have been a few notable ChainLink developments that might have gone unnoticed.

To begin with, on the 23rd of August, the ChainLink team announced that investors can now track the price of Silver in their DApps using ChainLink’s live XAG/USD price feed. The price feed is being utilized by Synthetix which plans on bringing commodities derivatives to DeFi.

Secondly, the crypto exchange of Bitfinex listed ChainLink on the 21st of August. Additionally, margin trading of LINK on the platform was enabled earlier today together with that of Polkadot (DOT). Bitfinex traders can trade both assets using a maximum of 3.3x in leverage and an initial equity of 30% and a maintenance margin of 15%.

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