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Expectations Of Cardano In 2022

Hoskinson Reveals Groundbreaking Feats Expected Of Cardano In 2022… And It’s Incredible

By Olivia Brooke – November 13, 2021

Key takeaways

  • Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson, says he is excited about how Cardano’s roadmap is shaping up for 2022.
  • Cardano’s roadmap is focused on scalability in its next iteration.
  • The new year holds a lot of exciting prospects for the crypto space.

According to the founder of the Cardano blockchain network, Charles Hoskinson, 2022 holds a lot of promise for the network’s ecosystem. With the year 2021 coming to an end in less than 2 months, Hoskinson has revealed that he is “loving” how the roadmap for Cardano is shaping up for 2022.

Making this known, Hoskinson asserted that there are hundreds of projects building on Cardano. The amount of activity has made the platform take on a life of its own as it has been “growing, adapting, refining, and becoming stronger.” Added to that, IOHK also has a lot of innovation in the works to make building on Cardano much more efficient.

The price of Cardano’s native token ADA is bound to see significant appreciation in the coming year as well.

What the Cardano Roadmap Currently Looks Like

Cardano happens to have a well-articulated roadmap which it has been following. This year, Cardano achieved a major milestone. The Alonzo hardfork combinator event which happened in September brought the deployment of smart contract capabilities to the network.

Smart contracts capabilities on Cardano means that decentralized applications can now be built on the network. While the applications have been slow to launch, there are several under development. A recent update from SundaeSwap, one decentralized exchange (DEX) being built on Cardano, showed signs that some fireworks may soon enter the blockchain network. SundaeSwap announced that it had a breakthrough in wallet integration. The DEX completed its first transaction using Yorio Wallet’s dApp Connector feature.

Cardano now looks to enter a new phase in its roadmap, the Basho era. In this phase, the network plans to make Cardano a lot more scalable than it currently is. They are also focused on interoperability and sustainability of the network. The vision is to make even micropayments feasible on the network and make fees predictable and cheap.

The upgrades to the Basho stage will be launched mostly in the next year. With the new era starting and delivering on promises, the price of Cardano is likely to be affected. This has been the trend in previous milestones reaching moments for the proof-of-stake network. Recall that the run-up to the launch of Alonzo saw the price of Cardano’s native token ADA reach a new high of around $3.

ADAUSD Chart By TradingView(Click image for larger view)

Other blockchains gearing up for the new year

Cardano is not alone in looking forward to the new year with hope. While development in the cryptocurrency industry is an ongoing and rapid trait, 2022 promises to be groundbreaking for a lot of blockchain projects.

In 2022, Ethereum is as well billed to make monumental changes to its network with its planned migration to proof-of-stake. Proof-of-stake will make the Ethereum network more energy-efficient and scalable. The network also aims to solve its high few issues come PoS.

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However, Cardano’s excitement for 2022 holds a lot of promise as the blockchain has been known to deliver on its set time frames.

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