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Help Koty

Help Koty

Hello fellow Markethive members and guests. I was promoting Markethive to a very talented "starving artist", friend and former co-worker. I explained how Markethive works, how valuable it is for entrepreneurs, like herself, and how blog posts can spread across the web exponentially, which is a great way to get information out to the masses.

She must have remembered what I said because she sent me an email asking if I could help her get the word out about her's neighbors' dog. She also attached a copy of her neighbor's call for help. Here's the call for help:

"This short story is about Koty, our 20 month old German Shepherd puppy who has been through more than most dogs experience in an entire lifetime.

We almost lost him to a deadly lung inflammation brought on by a fall suffered as a result of a neighbor’s negligence. The incident occurred while the neighbor playing with Koty was told twice not to throw sticks up but outward to keep him from jumping too high as their bones are still forming and not strong enough to withstand hard impacts. He proceeded to throw the stick up in the air which Koty then jumped after, falling on his chest when landing.

Hours later we rushed him to emergency vet as he was suffocating from the fluid building in his now collapsed lung. This trauma then triggered a severe case of Panosteitis, a very painful inflammation of the long bones of the legs. His case is unusually severe causing him to lose weight and muscle mass. The strong medications he must have to help control the pain started to affect his stomach and had to be cut back, so I lay with him all night, every night, while he cries in pain.

Even with the meds cut back, the costs run more than $700 a month with all the bills from the emergency visit, chest tap, the many x-rays, office visits, and water therapy sessions needed to combat the muscle atrophy.

We have been informed that part of his pain is also due to a hip deformity that has developed and now needs a complete hip replacement costing upwards of $8,000. We cannot possibly afford this and have completely run out of options.

The person who caused all of this is has not only refused to accept any responsibility but now won’t talk to either of us and avoids us whenever we cross paths.

Still not fully over the loss of our dear Shepherd, Axel, who passed away suddenly just a little over 2 years ago, I cannot bear the loss of our beautiful pup who has already endured so much in his young life.

If you could please find it in your hearts to help in any way possible to save this precious dog’s life it will be appreciated far more than you will ever know.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this.

Linda and Bob Smith"

I told my friend, Patty, that I would post this on Markethive and see what kind of results it will produce. This is not me begging for money; however, if anyone one is willing to help support Linda and Bob with their vet expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it would be so kind of you if you could repost this on your blogs; it would also be greatly appreciated. You just never know how far the ripples will go when you throw a pebble into a pond; consider this the pebble.

I believe the community of Markethive can be used for the greater good, especially for the people that need help.

Thank You and God Bless You!
Jeffrey Sloe

There is additional information on the HELP KOTY on GOFUNDME page. Please click on the link to learn more.

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