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ADALend On CardanoCube

ADALend Listed On CardanoCube

By NewsBTC – January 3, 2022 in Cryptocurency News Reading Time: 2 min read

ADALend, a decentralized lending platform utilizing the Cardano blockchain, has recently been listed on CardanoCube.io, a platform that makes information on dApps available by providing an overview of all projects and dApps building on Cardano. The listing is preceded by ADALend’s announcement, where they shared the intention of using Plutus Application Backend (PAB) to continue the development of the platform.

About CardanoCube.io

CardanoCube.io is the go-to resource for information about the Cardano Blockchain and its ecosystem. They are offering retail customers unbiased, high-quality, and reliable information so they can make their own educated decisions about the products they purchase.

What Does This Mean For ADALend?

ADALend has recently been hitting the shelves as a Cardano essential dApp that has high potential to impact the DeFi market with its launch. ADALend has had a busy couple of months with development and providing information to the communities about the project and what it is set out to accomplish. ADALend plans to continue revealing what the developers are working on as more information comes out, involving the community and allowing them to be part of the platform as it progresses towards launch.

About ADALend

ADALend is developing a scalable, trustless, and decentralized lending protocol that harbors users within a self-governed environment. ADALend protocol is based on the Cardano blockchain, which will enable the lending platform to aggregate protocols that support business models that give economic support to billions of users.

ADALend will bring back the balance of power between lenders and borrowers. By allowing the use of digital assets as collateral, the use of the platform will be diversified to the benefit of the user.

By leveraging the Cardano blockchain, ADALend will be able to tap into the vast digital cash management market. By creating a technology that allows anyone to delegate their digital cash and make it available for a loan, ADALend is opening up the potential for blockchain-powered liquidity.

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has listed ADALend on their “Essential Cardano List” of projects that are considered part of the ecosystem supporting and providing Cardano users with products and services.

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