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MicroStrategy To Issue $600 Million In Bonds for Bitcoin Acquisition Amid Crypto Market Surge

MicroStrategy To Issue $600 Million In Bonds for Bitcoin Acquisition Amid Crypto Market Surge

By Newton Gitonga – March 5, 2024

Prominent business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has announced plans to issue $600 million in bonds.

This plan was unveiled on Tuesday by the firm’s founder, Michael Saylor, who wrote in a tweet, “MicroStrategy Announces Proposed Private Offering of $600 Million of Convertible Senior Notes”.

Notably, as per an accompanying blog by the firm, the funds generated from this offering will primarily be allocated towards acquiring additional Bitcoins and fulfilling general corporate objectives. However, the firm noted that the success of the offering is contingent upon various factors, including market conditions.

Notably, the bonds, set to mature in 2030, will allow MicroStrategy to convert securities into shares starting in 2027. Additionally, bondholders will have the right to demand redemption by September 15, 2028. MicroStrategy also revealed plans to allow investors to purchase additional bonds worth up to $90 million.

This strategic move comes when Bitcoin has surged to unprecedented heights, with its value soaring to $69,000 on Monday. Riding on this bullish wave, MicroStrategy’s market capitalization has reached a staggering $22.64 billion, prompting a remarkable 23% surge in its share price over the past 24 hours, which now stands at $1,334.

According to data from Saylor Tracker, MicroStrategy currently holds an impressive 193,000 BTC, valued at around $13 billion. The unrealized profits from this investment have surged to an impressive $6.79 billion.

That said, MicroStrategy’s recent moves in the crypto space have been closely watched. In February, the company increased its Bitcoin holdings by an additional 3,000 BTC, following a previous purchase of 850 BTC for $37.2 million in January. Notably, throughout 2023, MicroStrategy displayed a consistent commitment to accumulating Bitcoin, with purchases totalling millions of dollars each month.

Notably, Saylor has been vocal about the company’s long-term Bitcoin strategy. Recently, he reiterated that MicroStrategy has no intentions of selling its Bitcoin reserves in the foreseeable future. Instead, the company aims to pivot towards becoming a “Bitcoin development company,” emphasizing the development of products and services centred around the pioneering cryptocurrency.

Saylor recently shared his bullish outlook on Bitcoin, predicting a “gold rush” for the leading cryptocurrency that could last until 2034. This forecast was driven by heightened institutional interest and increasing adoption of Bitcoin as a digital store of value, particularly with the emergence of spot Bitcoin ETFs.


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