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From time to time people ask me what I do. Taking the low road, I usually say I’m a web designer and SEO strategist, even tough I love my home business. So why would I not tell people about it, and that I’m in a network marketing business? Like so many of us, I believe it’s the fear of rejection. The fear of loosing a friend, or being accused of working some kind of a pyramid scheme. Whatever the case, bugging my friends to join me in business has never been a passion of mine.

It’s a known fact that many entrepreneurs bug their friends to death about joining them in their home based business opportunity. I’ve seen plenty of relationships destroyed over network marketing, and it seems foolish to join that group. However, after reading an article on Google, I may have to change my mind. Below is an excerpt of the article, which can be read in its entirety by going to, http://www.scamxposer.com/trivita-business-opportunity-reviews.html.

…How refreshing!

It took almost 50 years, but there actually is 1 Network Marketing business (well, actually called “Cooperative Marketing”) that has FINALLY figured it out!

ALL of the problems people have ever had with network marketing – MLM absolutely do NOT exist here!

You know… SIMPLE things like “where do I find a constant source of people hungry for the products?” -or- “I don’t like talking to friends & family about my businesses” -or- “can’t figure out how to recruit anyone… or don’t like recruiting period” -or- “I don’t want to stock products at home” -or- “I never see long term residual income because 95% of my downline quits every year” -or- … (fill in the blank with what you hate most about MLM)
With this company, you can build a consistent, reliable & huge RESIDUAL income entirely from home WITHOUT having to bug friends and family or have any sales or marketing skills whatsoever.

Not only is this a legitimate, highly profitable home based Internet business, but it is now my #1 recommended business opportunity… and the ONLY network marketing business that I currently recommend… and will probably EVER recommend!

WOW!!! That’s some statement regarding that company, wouldn’t you agree? I would have to say that they, have figured out the network marketing industry. They have created a home based business model that cannot be beat. It’s the only home business opportunity where you don’t have to bug your family and friends. However, you can if you really want to show someone how to create a genuine home based business, and create long term residual income.

I’ve been working this business for just over two years, and all it has done is continue to grow. And I have one gentleman in my upline whom stopped working the business for 7-8 months, came back only to find that his business has grown “exponentially.” I don’t think you can say that about many other network marketing businesses, of any at all.

If you’d like to learn more about my home based business opportunity, click on the previous link, call or email me. I’d love to share this terrific opportunity with you. I believe it is truly is a home based business opportunity that you should experience.

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