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Take a Look at MarketHive

Calling all entrepreneurs! Do you want to promote your business without being the same as everyone else? Do you want your business to stand out? If you answered yes to either one of those questions and if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s time to take a look at MarketHive.

MarketHive is NOT a business opportunity, but rather gives you the opportunity to promote your business through inbound marketing. As the name implies, “Market” represents a collection of inbound marketing tools, like email auto responders, social media broadcasters, capture pages, blogging platforms and lead management. The aforementioned tools are state-of-the-art, powerful, integrated and effective.

The “Hive” portion of the name represents the social network part of the system. The developers actually coined the phrase and call this part the Social Neural Network. This is where someone can create groups, and work together on a marketing campaign with an entire team. Collaborating as a team gives powerful leverage to any campaign where all members, through a group rotator, can benefit from the efforts of the group.

The MarketHive system has been designed to give the user a look and feel of being in Facebook. Just like in Facebook, where making or adding friends, creating groups, adding to your news feed, sending a message, chatting, tagging someone, sharing information, it’s all very similar.

One of the most important features I forgot to mention is the price; it’s free. That’s right, just like Facebook, it does not cost your anything, but offers so much more. Give it a try today by stopping by my page at MarketHive

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