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Send Bitcoin Payments In Real-time With A Tweet

Send Bitcoin Payments In Real-time With A Tweet

By RTTNews Staff Writer | Published: 3/19/2021 10:31 AM ET

U.K.-based Bottlepay, a recently launched payments platform, will allow users to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) to and from other users on the platform via microblogging site Twitter with just a tweet. The user needs to send a single tweet to send a specific amount of sats to another user's account, with the command tweet executed from within the Twitter app.

Users can tweet such as "@bottlepay send 1,000 sats to @twitteruser" to instantly send bitcoins from one wallet to another in real time.

Sats is the short for Satoshis and is the smallest unit of bitcoin with a value of 0.00000001 BTC or one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin. This unit's name is derived from the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Powered by the Lightning Network, the Bottlepay platform currently supports only Twitter, but plans to extend the service to other social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Telegram and Mastodon in the coming months.

The global payments disruptor's radical new payment system is paving the way for a new digital economy and eradicating the barriers to effective instant payments. The platform facilitates instant payments in conventional currencies and Bitcoin and strips out transaction charges.

The firm's open payment network aims to transform the digital economy by making digital micropayments and cross border transactions viable.

Bottlepay users can also use the platform to buy, store, send and withdraw Bitcoin with a single slide, unlike other digital payment platforms like PayPal and Revolut, whose users cannot currently spend or withdraw their Bitcoin.

On February 10, the Bottlepay app was launched on Google Play and App Store. Later in February, the company raised $15 million in seed funding from investors including British fund manager Alan Howard, present and former Goldman Sachs partners, FinTech Collective, and NYDIG.

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