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It Takes Customers to Survive in Business

This is part two of my article, Leads vs Customers, which I wrote a few days ago. If you haven’t read part one, click on the previous link to read it. In this article I will explain how I get my customers, and how you can too, if you are willing to change.

First, let me start by telling you a story. Back in 2008 when I joined this MLM company, our organization had a great plan. The plan was being implemented, and the group was growing exponentially. We had thousands of customers and hundreds of independent reps. However, as we were moving forward, several factors came into play (more on that later) and the organization started to slowly disintegrate.

As the years went by, I continued to stay with this company, and continued to generate new customers. The company was continuing to bring in new product lines, and they even purchased another MLM company. The company never gave up, nor did they loose their focus, only our organization started to fall apart.

However, during that period of time, I still continued to receive my monthly checks. Why? Customers! Yes, I still had plenty of customers in my organization, and all I had to do to receive my check, was to stay active. I was getting paid commission on the revenue generated from my customer’s purchases.

So, you may now be wondering how I got my customers. How about by buying customers? Yes, that’s right, buying customers, not leads, as I mentioned in my first article. Remember how a customer was defined, “…individuals or households that purchase goods and services…”?

I’ve written many articles on the topic of buying customers rather than leads, and several people asked me how I buy my customers, or where they can buy customers. Let me explain!

The company that I’m involved with generates the customers through TV infomercials, radio ads, magazine and newspaper ads, and places them in their Media Acquisition Program (MAP). Then, in turn, they sell them to the independent business owners. The customers (called MAPS) can then be placed anywhere within the independent business owner’s organization. When I joined the company, the MAPS were a very large part of the plan that was implemented by our group.

The company would take the money they received for the purchase of those maps and reinvest it back into additional advertising. It was like this never ending supply of customers. And that was the secret to success for many of the independent business owners; buy individuals that are spending money, and doing it month after month after month.

You may be wondering why the breakdown or disintegration of the organization? Well the company decided to end the MAP program, and many business builders decided to stop working the business, or they just jumped ship and went to another company, you know, the “next big opportunity”!

As for me, I just stayed the course and continued to receive my monthly commission checks. I also continued to write my articles. I received many new customers through those articles, which helped me to grow my business. Many of my customers are still buying products today.

I could have jumped ship, or turned to buying leads, but I never liked wasting my time trying to turn leads into customers. I don’t like calling so-called “phone surveyed leads” that could cost me four to five dollars each, and then try to turn them into a customer. I would only buy customers!

So during this transition period, the company must of had a change of heart. They brought back the MAP program, along with a new gift card program. These two programs are both ways to generate customers. However, the gift cards can be more cost-effective, as the independent business owner chooses who receives the $50 gift card. Plus, there are better commissions paid out when someone redeems the card and purchases products above the $50 gift card amount.

Even though the MAP program is as popular as ever, the new gift cards may be the best way to generate customers. Yes, that’s right, the company doing all this continues to help their independent business owners build their businesses through customers, not leads.

I hope you’re starting to see that it takes customers to survive in business. That’s why it makes more sense to buy customers, or purchase and give out gift cards, than to purchase leads. Take a good look at your business, and see why you’re not making money. If I was betting man, I’d have to say that the reason your business is suffering is because you don’t have enough customers.

My hopes and prayers for everyone reading this article, is that you reevaluate your business, and really, I mean really, with wide open eyes, see if I’m right. See if the reason you are struggling making money is because you lack the necessity, the heart and soul, that every business needs to survive, customers. It just may be time to make a change!

To learn how you can start making money from your customers instead of chasing “bad” leads, go to http://www.gorevshare.com/12871028.

I wish you all the success in the world.

God Bless!

Jeffrey Sloe
Independent TriVita Business Owner, 12871028

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